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Last updated October 09 2018 21:13:27

Vanwa-Arda - UselessPoints


A description of our ingame currency and how it's used

UselessPoints? What are those?

In short, UP is our form of primary currency on the server. Sure, we have gold ingame, but that doesn't always cut it. Too many people cash in gold bars, and crash the economy. That's one reason why we implemented UP.
Another purpose of UP is to keep cluttered PayPal purchases away! Instead of pricing individual items and having to make multiple small purchases, you can just purchase some UP and use it as you need it.
The third reason is to help support the server; see, you can buy UP through PayPal. It costs quite a bit to keep a server running, and keep everything maintained, so this is our way of supporting a healthy community. Donations certainly do help, but aren't always enough. We do price everything quite low (as compared to other servers), seeing as it's not profit we're after; we need it simply to sustain ourselves.

Our current exchange rate is:

1 UP = $0.10 USD

You can purchase UP through your account page, or even earn them through achievements, events, and quests!
Unfortunately due to their farmable nature, we cannot transfer or refund purchases of UP under any circumstance.