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Vanwa-Arda - Server Policies

Server Policies

Disclaimers and info on our Privacy Policy

To start off, we'd like to reassure you that not a bit of data that we obtain gets sold/shared. We have no reason to do this, and would hate to compromise people's information. We aren't partnered with any ad-servicing, or information gathering sites; we run 100% off of donations, and pocket money from Admins. We're regular people just like you, so we know how scary the internet can be with personal data. We make it a priority to keep all information air-tight!

The data we collect is only for helping serve our users better. Please note that all of this information, other than IP Address, is volunteered. You, as a client, can turn off the function to send most of this data to us. Here is a guide on how to do this in most popular browsers.

This is the data we collect:

Our policy on cookies is pretty basic, really. We save two to three cookies to your browser, for website features. If you want to turn cookies off (which we really don't recommend; certain things will not work right), here are guides on how to do this in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

The cookies we save are for the following purposes:

For our Vanwa-arda user accounts, we ask for a Minecraft username, email address, and a password for your login here. None of this information is transmitted in plain-text, or sent through 3rd parties. From account creation to logging in, everything is secured; we encrypt all page data. Passwords are scrambled (and then encrypted via SSL) before they even get to us, so we don't even have your plain-text password! All we see are a bunch of letters and numbers. We take security seriously, so we made sure to test this vigorously!

Very obviously we are a Minecraft server, but in no way represent Mojang AB (ON:556819-2388), or Microsoft now, or claim to own any of this content. We do not own rights to anything Minecraft related, directly or indirectly. The domain and affiliated subdomains are owned and operated by Vanwa-arda LLC, but the Minecraft concept and all related content is expressly owned by Mojang AB.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above information, please don't hesitate to contact us.