Things are still stagnant here, getting back up to speed hosting Vanwa-arda eventually. Legacy server will be the first to come back online! Stay tuned.

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Vanwa-Arda - About Us

About Us

What is Vanwa-arda?

When we first started playing Minecraft, we felt a sense of excitement and wonder at what we could accomplish in this new block building game. That was during the late stages of alpha. We experimented with multiplayer a little bit, but never really got into it until mid beta. Then we decided to host a private server to goof around on. One thing led to another and the Vanwa Arda server was created. The server started off with just a few players, but has since grown into a community for gamers to just have fun and enjoy playing games with other people. We are continuing to develop more ways to accomplish this. On our Minecraft servers, we have opportunities to play Bukkit SMP, modded SMP, Minigames, and much more. Our hope is that this can become a place for people that want to enjoy games the way they are meant to be played, and not feel stressed about needing to get that next achievement or level. So if that sounds like your kind of community, then welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay!
Any questions or comments about the server can be answered by emailing us at:, or via our support page.

If you would like to view some awesome screenshots of our server, they can be found right here.

As of early 2016, this is our project...